• 13 JUL 10
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    Managing Depression

    Throughout life we make “plans” for managing all sorts of things – how about managing our emotional life in a planned manner. If you or a loved one struggles with depression it can be helpful to create a “plan” or a “blueprint” for managing depression. Elements of a successful plan should include:

    • EDUCATE: yourself, your family, and/or caregivers
    • DEVELOP: A trusting relationship with your therapist and/or physician
    • WORK: Collaborate with your treating clinicians to find the right combination of treatments to insure success
    • CREATE: A support network, perhaps that includes other people who have struggled with depression
    • EMPOWER: Yourself! By taking control of your treatment plan
    • GET INVOLVED: Stay busy, develop new interests or hobbies stay socially involved

    If you or a loved on needs assistance in developing a comprehensive “plan” to manage depression or any other mental health concern please give us a call at

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