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    The Gift of Forgiveness

    “Relationships are complicated”. That is a statement that seems to echo among many singles and couples alike and is even recognized as a status option on Facebook. Its clear that relationships take effort to establish and maintain so why do we even bother? Well, it’s simple. We are relational beings that benefit from social interaction and when we open ourselves to others, we become vulnerable to hurt.

    Have you ever gotten into an argument and stayed angry much longer than the person who offended you? Then, when you saw him or her appearing happy and free, your blood boiled even more at the thought of how quickly he or she could just move on without an apology or a resolution. The angrier you became at the thought of the offense, the angrier you grew at yourself for not being able to let it go. Sometimes we have difficulty “letting go” of a grudge because we think we’re letting someone off the hook or doing someone a favor by moving on. Instead, we should realize that when we forgive, it is not only for the sake of the offender; forgiveness is also for our benefit.

    Why Is Forgiveness Beneficial?

    • When you forgive, you release the hold that resentment and anger have on you.
    • When you forgive, you open yourself to recognize and receive happiness/emotional peace.
    • When you forgive, you regain your ability to live and appreciate what is occurring in the moment rather than living in the past.
    • When you forgive, you allow yourself to build a new future that is not tainted by past hurts and offenses.

    Keep in mind, forgiveness does not necessarily mean condoning hurtful behavior. It is, however, a gift (for yourself) that keeps on giving.

    Dr. Monique Griffith and Dr. Marisa Hammock

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