Welcome to Psychological Services Long Island

We provide therapy for personal growth and confidence in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Therapy motivates you to reach your highest potential and improve the quality of your life. Treatment is individualized, goals are mutually established, and feedback is given frequently. Therapy encourages self-worth, achievement, relaxation, and better ability to cope with lifes challenges. You and your Therapist will approach your difficulties as an alliance. You will develop effective coping strategies starting from the very first session. Psychologists at this office practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a proven, pragmatic approach to good emotional health. Therapists provide services in an individualized, comfortable environment. Appointments are arranged to avoid waiting rooms and wasted time. Our professionals are long time residents of Long Island, familiar with the challenges unique to this area. Our office is conveniently located for residents of Suffolk, Nassau and Queens. We accept almost every insurance plan. We contact your insurance company, obtain authorization and handle all insurance paperwork.

Call our insurance specialist, Monet, for answers to your questions about insurance or to schedule an appointment: (516) 818-8383

Professional Services

  • Professional Speakers Bureau

    All clinical staff of Psychological Services Long Island are available to speak on a number of topics at your professional, civic, industrial or educational seminars and meetings. Titles include:

      • Stop Depression Today.
      • What is ADD and What Can I Do About It?
      • What Are Learning Disabilities?
      • Developing a Permanent Positive Attitude.
      • Be More Assertive Now!
      • How Not To Remain Single.
      • Who Needs Therapy?
      • Learning Disabilities and the Special Education Process.
      • Personality Disorders.
      • Parenting with Love and Logic.
      • Aspergers Syndrome and other developmental disorders .
      • Psychological Testing and Assessment.

    Please contact us to discuss your ideas. We are here to assist you in making your event fun, engaging and educationally rewarding.

  • Professional Practice Consulting

    Psychological Services Long Island Professional Practice Consulting can help you Grow Your Practice in the following areas:

      • Marketplace Analysis
      • Niche Analysis and Development
      • Custom Marketing Plans
      • Development of Marketing Materials, Ads, Websites
      • Development of Insurance Forms, Documents, Letters
      • Referral Network Development
      • Third Party Reimbursement Coaching
      • Motivation and Confidence Building
      • Office Management
      • Staff Development and Training
      • Peer Supervision / Clinical Case Consultation
      • Development, Implementation, and Analysis of Patient Satisfaction and Outcome Measures

Client Services

    • Panic Disorder and phobia
    • ADD – ADHD Screening
    • Relationship Counseling
    • Anxiety and stress reduction
    • OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)
    • Learning disability screening
    • Depression
    • Biofeedback
    • Career Counseling
    • Aspergers and Autism and PTSD
    • Neuropsychological evaluations for Learning Disabilities, Personality, Medical Procedures, Special Ed.

Our Staff