Behavioral Problems
Separation Anxiety
School Refusal
Adjustment to Divorce
Social Skills Issues
ADHD and Learning Difficulties


Attention and Impulse Deficits
Social Phobia
Cutting and Self Injury
High School - College Transition
Career Choices


Anxiety and Social Phobia
PTSD and Trauma
Relationship Issues


Parenting Education
Marital Conflict
Relationship Challenges
Loss of Intimacy
Difficulty Communicating
Divorce Issues

Teletherapy and Online Therapy Are Available to All Current and New Clients

During this stressful time, we will be offering teletherapy to all current and new clients. Receive all the benefits of therapy right from the comfort of your own home! Teletherapy can be given over the phone or through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Signal, Viber, and more.
For more information, give us a call at (516)-818-8383.

Welcome to Psychological Services Long Island

We provide therapy for personal growth and confidence in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Therapy motivates you to reach your highest potential and improve the quality of your life. Treatment is individualized, goals are mutually established, and feedback is given frequently. Therapy encourages self-worth, achievement, relaxation, and better ability to cope with life’s challenges. You and your Therapist will approach your difficulties as an alliance. You will develop effective coping strategies starting from the very first session. Psychologists at this office practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a proven, pragmatic approach to good emotional health. Therapists provide services in an individualized, comfortable environment. Appointments are arranged to avoid waiting rooms and wasted time. Our professionals are long time residents of Long Island, familiar with the challenges unique to this area. Our office is conveniently located for residents of Suffolk, Nassau and Queens.

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New at PSLI

Unique Social Skills Group for Every Age

Check out our Unique Social Skills Group for any age. Children, Teens, Young Adults and Adults!

Advanced Approaches

  • Individual Psychotherapy (CBT)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Support Groups

  • TeleTherapy, Skype and Facetime Sessions
  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation
  • Definitive ADHD Assessment

  • Progressive Relaxation Techniques
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Parent Skills Training

Experienced Experts

Established in 1989, PSLI utilizes the resources of eight Licensed Psychologists to create the most effective therapy program for your individual needs. We practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other proven approaches that achieve timely, meaningful results. Therapy begins at the very first session with sensible goals that are mutually established as part of an alliance between you and your Psychologist. Therapists are able to communicate with your physician or school for comprehensive, coordinated care.

Sensible Solutions

  • Learn to relax and be free from anxiety
  • Overcome the obstacles of attention difficulties

  • Improve mood with advanced coping strategies
  • Cope effectively for a satisfying, productive life

  • Gain confidence in social situations
  • Rebuild communication in relationships
  • Resolve meltdowns without conflict
  • Contact us to discover your own sensible solution

    Calls are returned within twenty-four hours. Day, evening and weekend sessions available.
    Specialists assigned to address your specific needs.

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